Maldives special packages

If a Robinson Crusoe-esque adventure to the Maldives has always been on your travel bucket list, then browse further to explore some of our tantalising Maldives special package offers in order to tick that box! Together with our travel partners, we specialize in a number of Maldives Island resort packages for travel from South Africa.

The Maldives Island resorts that we promote offer different accommodation styles, ranging from garden rooms (located more to the centre of the island and at the best price),to beach rooms with direct access to the beach from private verandahs, or should the idea of living on the water excite you, then the water villas/suites are the perfect choice!

Another consideration when booking your Maldives stay is the type of meal plan. Most of our packages will have the option to book on a half board, full board or all-inclusive basis. Half board would typically include breakfast & dinner, full board would include breakfast, lunch and dinner and lastly you have the option of staying on an all-inclusive basis, which includes breakfast, lunch & dinner and also drinks! More details on each offering will be presented on the detailed quote you will receive from us.

Discover the Maldives with Dream World Adventures!

Having personally visited the magical Maldives in June’21, we are eager to share with you our first-hand advice on travelling to the Maldives.

Sandies Bathala

Sandies Bathala Maldives Package Specials

4 Star Maldives Island Resort
Book before 30 April ’22
For travel between Travel 01 Jul ’22–31 Oct ’22.
7 night all inclusive packages from only:


Diamonds Athuruga Maldives CTA

Diamonds Athuruga Maldives Package Specials

5 Star Maldives Island Resort
Book before 30 April ’22
For travel between Travel 01 May ’22–31 Oct ’22.
7 night all inclusive packages from only:


Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives

Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives Package Specials

5 Star Maldives Island Resort
Book before 30 April ’22
For travel between Travel 01 May ’22–31 Oct ’22.
7 night all inclusive packages from only:


The Republic of the Maldives is an Island state in the Indian Ocean, consisting of 1 196 islands, only around 200 of which are inhabited. These islands are spread out over 871km from north to south, where they form a double chain of 26 natural atolls. The islands range between 1 ~ 2,4 metres above sea level and as one can imagine, with the Maldives being mostly water, a myriad activities can be enjoyed above, on, or below the warm Indian Ocean’s surface.
On the select few islands on each atoll that are home to resorts, one will find that the resort spans the whole island, offering a unique experience to visitors.
The more affordable Island resorts are also home to native Maldivians.

When is the best time to visit the Maldives, you may ask?

Being close to the equator means that the Maldives experiences warm weather throughout the year, temperatures averaging between 26⁰C – 29⁰C year round, with March and April traditionally being the warmest months. Weather patterns are governed by the two monsoon winds – the Southwest monsoon occurring between May to October (generally peaking around June), typically brings increased rainfall, felt more on the northern islands by rougher seas and winds, yet this rainy season is far milder than experienced in neighbouring countries and goes together with high levels of humidity. The northern atolls have highest rainfall May-November and the southern atolls from November to March. Rain showers can however occur all year round and are normally in short spells. The Northeast monsoon, on the other hand, between November to April sees weather generally sunny and clear and this dry season therefore attracts more visitors and pricing reflects the higher demand, especially December to March identified as high season.


All visitors must have a valid passport to travel to the island and no inoculations are needed. Currently, a negative PCR test taken within 96 hours of travelling to the Maldives will be required upon arrival and one done 72 hours prior to travelling back to South Africa. This can be arranged at your resort.

What to bring along for your Maldives Island holiday?

Remember to bring with you all your essentials as the Islands may not have the items available that you are accustomed to.
As you are likely to be spending much of your time in the sun, a water-resistant factor 50+ sun screen protection should be on the top of your list. Respect local culture and ensure you are  appropriately dressed in public places or when visiting inhabited islands. Light cotton clothing suits the tropical heat of the Maldives.

A British power adapter will be needed for any electrical devices that you may need to charge.
Most travellers will arrive via the Velana International Airport in Malé, capital of the Maldives. The importation of alcohol, drugs and pornographic material is strictly prohibited and customs officials may search all your bags.
US$ is used mostly in Maldives, but for tips or shopping in the non-tourist shops, best to change some US$ to the local Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). The Maldivian Rufiyaa is non-convertible, so it cannot be purchased in advance.
After you have collected your checked luggage and you continue past the baggage area, a representative of the resort that you will be staying at will be ready to welcome you and to guide you to where to go next.
Some of the island resorts are closer to Malé and you will be transferred by speedboat. For travellers that are not used to travelling by boat, remember to pack some sea-sick tablets.
The TMA(Trans Maldivian Airways) water airport is on the opposite side of the airport Island. After checking in your luggage at the airport, you will be transported by shuttlebus to the TMA terminal. Some resorts have their own private lounge at the airport to freshen up and to enjoy some snacks while waiting for your seaplane departure.

The seaplanes fly by non-fixed schedules and operate by demand. The resort landing pads are not lit up during the night, hence no seaplane will fly during night time (no flights past 17h00) or when there is poor weather. Such factors may result in the need to overnight in Malé – having comprehensive travel insurance will come in handy. Proper planning of your flight to the Maldives is key so that you arrive early to assist to mitigate the risk of encountering such a scenario. As you can imagine, making use of the seaplane is an unique experience in itself – flying over coral reefs and breath-taking panoramas – certainly presenting many photo opportunities! After landing in a small lagoon, you will have a short boat ride to your resort.


What activities are there to keep you busy on your Maldives getaway?

The Maldives is the perfect destination to break away from everyday stresses – the ideal place to either do as little as possible, or partake in of the variety of activities offered at your resort.
Most of your holiday you will spend on the small Island where your resort is located, together with your friends, family or loved one.
Typically, you can walk around your island in about 30 minutes. Take the opportunity to enjoy the white sandy beaches and take a dip in the blue ocean water that surrounds your island. With the Island built on coral reefs, beach shoes/booties are recommended. Note that is it illegal to collect any corals, shells or other items from the sea to take home.

The best way to explore the underwater world is by snorkelling. While resorts do offer snorkelling items for rental, you may want to bring your own along.
Every resort will have a small curio shop, where you are able to buy souvenirs and other essential items, but be prepared for high prices! Best to plan ahead and bring along you what you may need, including basic travel medications.
Each resort has a healthcare professional to assist with any healthcare needs.