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My Blue Hotel Zanzibar on the North coast of Zanzibar. My Blue Hotel Zanzibar information, images, fact sheet and more.

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About My Blue Hotel Zanzibar

My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar is located in one of the Zanzibar’s most beautiful spots, Nungwi, famous for spectacular sunsets and of the best beaches Zanzibar has to offer. Your transfer from Zanzibar airport to My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar is approximately 60 km and should not take longer than 1 hour via the main road.

My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar was purposely built to respect its surrounding environment with sophisticated simplicity. One of its most alluring features is the white sandy beach directly below the resort, offering guests the opportunity to swim and snorkel all day long.

My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar overlooks a calm and crystal clear azure blue ocean, which is not effected greatly by tidal differences. The resort’s location on the north coast offers guests access to a wide variety of water sports and is within comfortable walking distance of Nungwi’s fisherman‘s village, where you can admire the local craftsmanship and experience the many characteristic beach bars & café’s along the water’s edge. This vivid Nungwi area is also famous for its nightlife.

My Blue Hotel is recommended by Dream World Adventures to those looking for a mid-range all-inclusive holiday on Zanzibar with its location being its best feature. Start planning your beach holiday with us soon.

My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar is located in one of the Zanzibar’s most beautiful spots, Nungwi, famous for spectacular sunsets and of the best beaches Zanzibar has to offer.

Facilities available at My Blue Hotel Zanzibar

Restaurants at My Blue Hotel Zanzibar
* Main buffet restaurant – Offers a selection of Italian and International cuisine, with seven theme dinners.
* Mwezi Beach Restaurant – Offers snack menu from 10am to 10pm, light menu and pizza. Seafood menu, lobster, sushi and sashimi are also available upon reservation during dinner time – not part of all inclusive.
* Pool Restaurant – Offers sophisticated Sushi, Sashimi and various themed dinners served in a typical atmosphere comfortable seated on cushions, pool view surrounded by candlelight with opportunity to smoke traditional Shisha pipe. Open for dinner, reservation is required – not part of all inclusive.

Bars at My Blue Hotel Zanzibar
* Main Pool Bar “SAWA SAWA”- Open from 10am to 12 pm with late light breakfast set up and tea time scheduled. Snacks before lunch and dinner available.
* Beach Bio Bar – Located on the beach, will satisfy the tastes of the health enthusiast with a selection of fresh fruit & vegetable smoothies and fruit salads – not part of all inclusive.

Dive centre at My Blue Hotel Zanzibar
The main Dive and Watersport Center in Zanzibar is called “Diving Ocean” and is located at My Blue Hotel. Nungwi and Kendwa are the most beautiful areas of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. Diving Ocean offers diving, snorkeling trips and watersports to customers staying at My Blue Hotel. The dive center is an excellent starting point to the best dive sites around Zanzibar without restrictions caused by tide changes.
Diving and snorkeling trips are organized with traditional Dhow boats manufactured in Nungwi and with speed boats, to dive sites such as Mnemba Island, Hunga Reef, Big Wall, Chakatuni, Leven Banks.

Other facilities
Free Wi-Fi connection in all common areas. Conference room – equipped for 100 people. Fitness centre. Recreation area – includes billiard, darts, table tennis, table football Sport area – includes beach volley, tennis bowls Mini club area Excursions desk – For booking day tours and Island transfers.

My Blue Hotel Zanzibar room options

My Blue Hotel has 105 rooms divided in 5 different categories, Standard rooms, Deluxe rooms, Villa rooms, Mini suites & Ocean view rooms.
Every room is furnished in a boutique like decor and has one or more beds with: mosquito net, wardrobe with mirror, desk, luggage holder, air conditioning, internal telephone, digital safe, LCD Television with international channels, fridge, hair dryer.

* 25 Standard rooms at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar
* Approximate room size : from 20sqm
* Location : ground floor
* View from room : garden/pool view
* Can accommodate : 2 people maximum
* Perfect for single travelers and couples

* 36 Deluxe rooms at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar
* Approximate room size : from 20sqm
* Location : 1st floor
* View from room : elevated view of garden/pool
* Can accommodate : 2 people maximum
* Perfect for single travellers and couples

* 14 Mini suites at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar
* Approximate room size : from 28sqm
* Location : ground & 1st floor
* View from room : garden/pool view
* Can accommodate : 3 people maximum
* Perfect for friends or small families

* 18 Luxury Villas at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner served at the private restaurant ‘A La Carte “Mwezi” on the beach. Only available for guest staying in the Luxury Villas.
* Can accommodate : 3 people maximum
* Perfect for friends or small families

* 12 Ocean view rooms at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar
* Approximate size : from 36sqm
* Location : Sea facing ground & 1st floor
* View from room : Ocean view
* Can accommodate : 4 people maximum
* Perfect for friends or small families up to 4 sharing a room

My Blue Hotel Zanzibar video

Please note that the information on My Blue Hotel Zanzibar was correct at the time of being published. While all efforts are taken to update this information as regularly as possible, changes can occur due to hotel offers, services and facilities.

What our clients have to say about there stay at My Blue Hotel Zanzibar

Van Wyngaarden Du Buisson family stayed at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar’s north coast in November 2017.

“I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Zanzibar.
The hotel was so laid back and suited our idea of a holiday, the rooms were clean and nicely decorated, with everything we needed. All your arrangements were done exceptionally! Thank you for making Ruan’s 21st very special.
We enjoyed it so much and will recommend it to our friends.
Thank you again for all the help in choosing the correct option for us.”

Cyrus and Jodi Rogers stayed at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar in February 2017 and had this to say about their stay;

“I want to thank Rose and the team from Dream World Adventures for arranging a superb experience for us. Our trip to Zanzibar was exceptional and we loved every second of it.
Zanzibar is a dream location for any holiday-maker and the professional manner and personalized interaction from the Dream World team made the entire experience one to remember.

From the early arrangements to the transfers and flights everything went seamlessly.

We will definitely be going back to Zanzibar and we will use Dream World Adventures again and have already recommended them to all of my friends.

Cyrus & Jodi Rogers”

Vuledzani and Ntshavheni Marole stayed at My Blue Hotel on Zanzibar in January 2017 and had this to say about their stay;

“Hi Rose. Sorry for providing feedback this late. We would like to thank you very much for this wonderful Zanzibar vacation. My Blue Hotel is the best.
They made my husband’s birthday very special.
We enjoyed everything.

Thank you Rose.
Vuledzani & Ntshavheni Marole”

My Blue Hotel Zanzibar packages that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and selected drinks.

Amazing value are on offer at this North Coast Hotel, this lively hotel is extremely popular and a great choice for getting most for your buck. Make your booking well in advance as My Blue Hotel is always in high demand.

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About Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar, Unguja, The capital, Stone Town, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 and is an eclectic mix of cultures, architecture and languages. What was once a small fishing village is now a thriving town with an extraordinary history and past. The impact of the different cultures can be seen on the buildings and in the faces of the locals while walking around Stone Town. Coral and stone houses boast imposing wooden Zanzibar doors, set with brass studs to defend against charging elephants, intricately carved with scripts from the Qu’ran. Indian houses have courtyards behind the shop fronts and delicate and beautiful carved balconies. Arab homes are characterized by their white washed walls, flat terraces and small windows. The reason for this window style is solely to preserve the modesty of the women. Zanzibar does not have tribes. Local traditions are a fusion of different ethnic groups that have settled on the island. Although Zanzibar benefits from Tourism, the majority of the population still makes their living from subsistence farming and fishing. Zanzibar is a unique destination filled with history and character, beautiful beaches and wonderful people.

Sort history on Zanzibar Island

The islands were likely to have been visited at an even earlier date by traders and sailors from Arabia. From around the 8th century Shirazi traders from Persia also began to make their way to East Africa, where they established settlements on Pemba and probably also at Zanzibar’s Unguja Ukuu. Zanzibar became a powerful city-state, supplying slaves, gold, ivory and wood to places as distant as Indian and Asia, while importing spices, glassware and textiles. Along with the trade from the east came Islam and the Arabic architecture that still characterizes the archipelago today. The Sultan of Zanzibar controlled a substantial portion of the East African coast, known as Zanj, as well as extensive inland trading routes. Over time the abolition of the slave trade came about when the British Empire took control. In 1890 Zanzibar became a British protectorate. The death of one sultan and the succession of another of whom the British did not approve, led to the Anglo-Zanzibar War, also known as The Shortest War in History. The islands gained independence from Britain in December 1963 as a constitutional monarchy. A month later, the bloody Zanzibar Revolution caused the death of many Arabs and Indians, and even thousands more expelled and expropriated. This led to the founding of the Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba. That April, the Republic merged with the mainland Tanganyika, or more accurately, was subsumed into Tanzania, of which Zanzibar still remains a semi-autonomous region. it has been influenced by many different cultures, including the great Orientals like China, Arabia and Persia. The history and cultures have also been strongly influenced by both traders and invaders over the centuries, from the Portuguese and Omani Arabs to the English, thus creating a very unique history and diverse culture. Another major trade good was ivory from the tusks of elephants killed in mainland Africa. The third pillar of the economy was slaves, giving Zanzibar an important place in the Arab slave trade.

Cultural Considerations

Zanzibar is a very religious country and consists 95% of Muslim people. To show respect towards Zanzibar’s culture, visitors are requested to dress modestly and refrain from public displays of affection. When walking through towns or villages, women should wear clothes that cover their shoulders and knees and men should not walk bare-chested or in swimming trunks. Swimwear is acceptable on the beaches but topless sunbathing is not. Visitors are advised not to take pictures of people unless you’ve asked their permission. During the fast of Ramadan, it is considered the height of bad manners to drink and eat in public places or while walking down the street. Non-Muslims should also not enter Mosques unless specifically invited to do so.

Tips for planning and for saving for your Zanzibar holiday

Zanzibar is truly a great destination to consider for your next tropical Island beach holiday. Not only is it much more affordable compared to other Island destinations, it will take you less than 3,5 hours to fly to Zanzibar, if opting for the direct flights departing from Johannesburg. While it is more affordable than most destination, it is not cheap and planning is needed to make your dream of a relaxing holiday become a reality.

Packages that we offer includes your return airfare, airport to hotel transfers, accommodation with meals (variety of options available) and day activities can also be arranged.

Open a holiday savings account, just like budgeting for other expenses, is part of any well-thought-out expense budget. You need to start planning as far in advance as possible.

How to get your hands on those elusive special packages. Travel off-season (outside of school & or public holidays), your travel packages will be much more affordable as flight fares & room rates will be less. Understand that if holiday times are the only time you can travel bookings must be made well in advance (around 6 months if possible).

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