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Sandies Baobab Beach

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Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar Highlights

  • An incredible sunset can be witnessed here while watching the turquoise waters of Nungwi Beach on the north coast of Zanzibar.
  • This Zanzibar beach resort offers great all inclusive value for money, with a variety of room category options from the entry level Swahili rooms to their best rooms, the Deluxe rooms.
  • The location offers guest a powder white beach, crystal clear water, and an accessible swimming beach even during low tide.

Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar Special Packages

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Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar Package Specials

4 Star Zanzibar Island Resort
7 night All inclusive packages from only:


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Sandies Baobab Beach on Zanzibar: when is the best time to stay?

Although it is always asked by our clients, providing a quick answer is more difficult than it appears.

In Zanzibar, any time of year is a good time to visit. Due to its proximity to the equator, the climate is perpetually warm and tropical, without the defined winter and summer months we are accustomed to.

The answer depends on a number of unique factors, most of which are influenced by the needs of each individual traveller.

The answer is very straight forward if you are looking for a special travel package that will allow you to stay at Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar at the most affordable price.

When booking your Zanzibar holiday, allow yourself 3 to 6 months between booking and departure.
This will save you money on airfare, enable you to qualify for early booking discounts, and ensure you get the best deal on Zanzibar resorts.

Whenever possible, avoid traveling during school and public holidays.
In the event that you can’t avoid the high demand travel dates due to personal reasons, make sure you have a booking in place 6 months in advance, and be aware that flight fares may be higher during these dates resulting in a higher package price.
Travel insurance is essential if you are worried about unforeseen events affecting your trip in the future, Dream World Adventures will gladly assist you with this.

When is the best time to visit Zanzibar based on the weather?

Rest assured that Zanzibar offers a warm tropical climate, regardless of the weather.

It is normal for tropical rain to fall all year round, usually in short bursts, and is most often welcomed relief from the hot weather.

Climate change has sadly affected all places on earth, including Zanzibar.
As a result, we cannot predict the normal patterns, as was the case when we first promoted Zanzibar in the early 1990s.
In comparison with other tropical islands, Zanzibar has mostly been spared the worst of the tropical storms so far.

You can find detailed information on this subject on the internet, but sadly it is not relevant to the new normal that we all live in.

Choosing the right room category is also crucial.

Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar offer entry level Swahili rooms ideal for couples and single travellers looking for the most cost-effective travel option. They can accommodate up to two people sharing one room.

With 3 people in your group, the Family rooms or Deluxe rooms is the perfect choice, having the option of sharing the cost of one room with up to 3 people.

Larger families traveling together can be accommodated in in the Family rooms, up to 4 adults sharing the cost of one unit.

This is one of the many reasons why Dream World Adventures should plan your Zanzibar holiday. The value we add during the planning phase and after-sales service cannot be overestimated.

Your Zanzibar holiday stay duration, how long should I stay?

While many people are looking to save by booking short stays on Zanzibar, we would like to suggest you consider the following.

Even though you may end up saving a little by shortening your stay, airfares and airport transfers will remain the same.
Travel time to and from Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar will remain the same, so you are only sacrificing more time to relax at the pool and on the beach.
It is common for travellers to experience travel fatigue, so if you spend your first day siesta-ing, you are denying yourself the opportunity to experience Zanzibar’s wonders.

It has been our experience that a stay of 7 nights is the ideal length of time.

Often, resorts offer long-stay specials that allow you to stay for 7 nights and only pay for 6.

Over the festive holiday season, between 23 December and 10 January, should I visit Zanzibar?

The question has already been answered if you can only travel during the festive season.

Be prepared for the room rates to be as high as they can possibly be, as resorts do not normally discount these travel dates.

Also, getting a space will be challenging, as this is a time when most travelers are traveling, so you end up competing with people who are willing to spend much more than you possibly want to.

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Sandies Baobab Beach

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